Hosted at the High Tech Campus
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Full Program of the WOIC 2022

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"The Human Side of Open Innovation"

Open innovation describes “a distributed innovation process based on purposively managed knowledge flows across organizational boundaries.” It provides insights into how firms can harness inflows and outflows of knowledge to improve their innovation success. During the last two decades, open innovation has had profound impact on both the practice and study of innovation. In parallel to open innovation becoming a central feature of innovation management, the concept of innovation ecosystems has also gained much attention from both research and practice. In the face of innovation, one organization’s success will depend on the efforts of other innovators in its environment.

With this year’s conference theme—“The Human Side of Open Innovation”—we want to highlight the potential of applying what we know about human resources, cognition, behavior and other individual-level attributes to open innovation practices, uncovering how we might embrace the knowledge of microfoundations for lasting open innovation impact.

Call for papers

Learn more about the conference theme, submission requirements, best paper awards, and other sessions.

9th Annual World Open Innovation Conference @TU/e Teaser

Call for applicants for doctoral consortium

Call for workshops

Be part of our new dedicated workshop day following the conference, and propose your own workshop!

Call for best practice AWARDS @WOIC 2022

At WOIC 2022, we bring together research and academia! Do you have a best practice that you would like to share with other practitioners or researchers to validate your approach or to get feedback? Apply for our best practice sessions and stand a chance to win the Best OI Practice Awards. There will be three awards: one winner and two finalists. 

Our speakers

We proudly present the speakers for this year’s conference (more speakers will be added later):


Practitioners and Industry: Why Participate?

We invite you to participate in the World Open Innovation Conference to deep dive into how to manage open innovation in your organization. We will propose discussions on relevant open innovation issues that other organizations are likely to experience in a corporate, public agency, or non-profit setting. We aim to foster a collaborative environment between the academic and practitioner community. We offer conference participants the opportunity to tap into the collective mind of the conference participants and access knowledge on managing open innovation in different context through academic paper presentations session, best practice sessions, and challenge sessions. Click here for more information.

Virtual Track

In additional to the physical conference, we also offer an online track. This online-only virtual track will consist of streaming of plenary sessions, participation in moderated online sessions, online networking, and virtual presentation and discussion of submitted papers. While we don’t think an online track can replace the experience of a physical conference, we do believe that offering an online track will make our conference and community more accessible, including to those who may otherwise not be able to travel for the conference.

Awards for Best Paper by a Student and Emerging Scholar

The conference will feature an award for the best paper by a student and the best paper by an emerging scholar. To be eligible for the award, the student or emerging scholar, respectively, must be the lead author or single author of the paper and he or she must be the presenting author at the conference. The finalists of the awards will be honored during the conference and on the WOIC website. The winner of each award will receive a plaque and a €500 cash reward and a free entry to next year’s WOIC.

Special Section in California Management Review

The journal California Management Review (CMR) will publish a special section on “Open Innovation” with selected papers from this conference. Submission of a full paper is required to be considered for the special section. The submitted full papers will be shortlisted based on quality and managerial implication. Authors will be notified in case their paper is shortlisted and will then receive further information about the process.

A note on COVID-19

We are closely monitoring the developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, both locally and internationally. Our assumption is that we will be able to host the physical conference without specific measures. However, people traveling to the conference will need to adhere to any travel-related measures, and we may also need to adjust to any local measure in case of any developments. We will keep registered participants informed about any such developments. You can also find more information about the coronavirus-related measures on the website of the Dutch government (, including information about traveling to the Netherlands and any local measures.


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High Tech Campus Eindhoven A Host Like No Other

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Pre-conference visit to Brainport Eindhoven

WOIC 2022 pre-conference visit will take place on November 14th in the heart of the Brainport region, which is a regional innovation ecosystem in the Eindhoven area. It is a renowned hotspot for open innovation. The conference itself will take place at the High Tech Campus, which has been recognized as the smartest square kilometer in the world. The campus is built around an ecosystem of 235 companies with a range of application fields. It is home to over 12.000 innovators, researchers, and engineers that create the technologies and businesses of the future. Together with the High Tech Campus and Brainport Development — an organization that provides local support in the region to attract international high-tech and manufacturing companies —, we will be developing a pre-conference visit to expose interested attendees to the local ecosystem

WOIC 2022 special gift for participants

As part of registration, all registered participants will get a copy of the book “Unleashing the Crowd”, co-authored by the keynote speaker Ann Majchrzak. (You can choose between a physical or an e-book version)

Conference fees


The discounted student rate applies to students enrolled in a college/university program (e.g., as PhD student). Registration with a valid college/university email address is required.

€ 495,-
Early Bird
€ 295,-


The regular rate applies to all participants (except students) regardless of their affiliation (e.g., academia, industry, policy, government, NGO).

€ 695,-
Early Bird *
€ 495,-

Online only

The online-only rate applies to the online track, including a live stream/recording of the plenary sessions (e.g., keynotes), online paper presentations/discussions, and other selected sessions. Those who wish to participate in the “online-only” virtual conference will need to indicate this during the submission. 

€ 195,-


Interested in a Pre-conference visit?

€ 95,-

We offer an exciting program with visits to several parts of the Brainport ecosystem on the day before the conference. The visit is optional, but registration is required (and possible until October 1, 2022).

* The Early Bird rate ends on October 10, 2022.

** Pre-conference tickets can not be purchased separately.


The registration for WOIC 2022 will open in the first week of September. Stay tuned! 

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Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing

The Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing (ITEM) group focuses on understanding and improving new business and product development processes within firms, organizations, and institutions in a high-tech context.

Important Dates

June 1, 2022Submission website opens.
July 15, 2022Submission deadline for extended abstracts and full papers.
September 5, 2022Notification of acceptance for academic paper submissions.
September 10, 2022Deadline for submitting the Best Practice presentation.
September 25, 2022Notification of acceptance Best Practice presentation
September 30, 2022Deadline for applying to the doctoral consortium.
October 10, 2022Registration deadline for accepted submissions.
October 10, 2022Deadline for Early Bird registration.
October 15, 2022Notification of acceptance to the doctoral consortium
October 31, 2022Deadline for submitting shortlisted papers to the CMR special section.
November 14, 2022Doctoral Consortium
November 14, 2022Visit to High Tech Campus & Brainport (optional).
November 15-16, 2022Main conference dates.

What to expect

The World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC) brings theory and practice closer together. We seek the latest in academic research on open innovation, and combine this in our program with challenges faced by industry executives and policymakers who manage open innovation in their organizations.

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  • See here for why it is interesting for industry to participate in WOIC.

Full programme

High tech campus Eindhoven

The High Tech Campus Eindhoven has been named the smartest square kilometer in the world. It is the home of more than 200 high-tech companies and more than 10000 employees who are all working to create the technologies and businesses of the future. You can find more information about Conference Center, including a route description, at their website:

High Tech Campus Eindhoven: our vision towards 2030!

How to get there

By car

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Public transportation

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By foot

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