About the Doctoral Consortium

The WOIC 2023 Doctoral Consortium will provide 12 doctoral students the opportunity to interact with and learn from experienced Open Innovation scholars and to expand participants’ professional networks. The consortium is open to mid- to late-stage doctoral students (i.e., approximately two years into their studies) whose research is in or related to the field of Open Innovation.

Consortium Chair

Mehdi Bagherzadeh
Mehdi Bagherzadeh

NEOMA Business School – France

Ching Liao
Ching Liao

CUNEF University – Spain

Maral Mahdad
Maral Mahdad

Wagenigen University & Research – The Netherlands

Pre-Conference Program and Workshop

The pre-conference program and workshop offer participants a valuable opportunity to dive deeper into the field of Open Innovation. By attending these sessions, you will gain insights, knowledge, and practical skills to enhance your research and professional growth.


Workshop Date: Wednesday, November 8


Registration Required: To participate in the pre-conference program and workshop, registration for the conference is mandatory. Make sure to register early to secure your spot.


During the workshop, you will:

  • Engage in interactive sessions with experienced Open Innovation scholars to discuss your research and ambitions.
  • Gain valuable insights into the review and publication process of Open Innovation research in leading academic journals.
  • Benefit from talks by Editors of high-ranking journals in the field of Open Innovation, who will share their expertise and guidance.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of emerging questions, challenges, and methods in the field of Open Innovation.
  • Exchange experiences, ideas, and best practices with dedicated mentors and fellow doctoral students.

Application Process

We invite doctoral students from all countries who are interested in joining the consortium to apply by September 11, 2023.
Applicants will be selected based on their motivation, research focus, and application quality. The results will be announced
by September 25, 2023.


To apply, candidates must include the following three documents:


  1. Extended Abstract or Full Paper: Submit an extended abstract or full paper that you plan to work on during the doctoral consortium.

  2. Updated CV: Provide an updated curriculum vitae (CV).

  3. Motivation Letter: Write a motivation letter, including your research focus and progress in the doctoral program (max. one A4 page, font size 12).

Important Dates

Deadline for applying to the doctoral consortium

September 11, 2023

Notification for acceptance to the doctoral consortium

September 25, 2023

Doctoral consortium, Bilbao, Biscay, Spain

November 8, 2023

Application Submission

Please send your application package to:

Rezvan Velayati

Email: rezvan.velayati-shokouhi@neoma-bs.fr

Subject: WOIC 2023 Doctoral Consortium


If you have any questions, please contact Rezvan Velayati at rezvan.velayati-shokouhi@neoma-bs.fr.

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