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Launched in 2014, the World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC) is where academia, industry, and policy makers meet. WOIC fosters cross-sector collaboration, explores open innovation trends, and showcases groundbreaking research and practices.

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Theme: 20 years of Open Innovation Bringing Together Stakeholders for Joint Value Creation.

With the first publication of “Open Innovation – The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology” by Henry Chesbrough being over two decades ago, it is time for the open innovation ecosystem to reflect on what has been learnt so far. Academics have researched and opened new questions, while companies, governments, and different players have embedded this paradigm within their culture, developing best practices and finding failure along the way.

Therefore, we want to leverage on this iconic milestone and reflect on the latest trends and tools in open innovation. 

This year, the conference theme is “Bringing Together Stakeholders for Joint Value Creation,” where we aim to explore how different stakeholders, such as startups, corporations, investors, academia, and policy makers, can generate exponential enhanced value by coming together. In summary, we aim to answer the question, “Is it true that we innovate better if we do it together?” 

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A warm welcome to the World Open Innovaton Conference to Eindhoven by Robert-Jan Smits, President of the Executive Board of Eindhoven University of Technology.