WOIC 2024: Share Your Best Practice in Open Innovation

At the upcoming World Open Innovation Conference, WOIC 2024, we want to combine the best of both worlds and bring together researchers and practitioners. Therefore, we invite everyone to share a best practice from their corporate work or public policy experience. You will get the chance to receive feedback from a wide audience on how to improve and further develop the best practice from open innovation scientists or other practitioners. The best practice sessions are a great way to open up and share experiences with others to build a long-lasting community where practices, tips & tricks, and feedback are openly shared


Bilbao, the beating heart of the Vizcaya region, offers a vibrant nexus of academia, corporate industry, and progressive politics that make it an ideal host for the WOIC. Rooted in a culture of open innovation, Bilbao is home to world-class universities and dynamic companies, all of which benefit from Biscay’s forward-thinking policies that encourage growth and collaboration. The city’s commitment to research and its knowledge-driven ecosystem makes it a perfect breeding ground for new ideas and a center for disseminating cutting-edge practices in the joint creation of value. Join us in Bilbao and experience firsthand your contribution to global innovation.

Award for the Best Open Innovation Practice!​

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Share tools, processes or approaches you used or experienced in the context of open innovation that led to success. We are particularly interested in practices that align with this year’s conference theme, “Bringing Together Stakeholders for Joint Value Creation”, which involves exploring the synergy of diverse stakeholders in enhancing value.

Submission Guidelines for the Best Practice Session

We encourage you to share your best practice and contribute to the conversation on open innovation at WOIC 2024.

You have three submission options to choose from:


One Pager

Submit a one-page description of your best practice, including the name of your organization in the title.

Slide Deck

Submit a slide deck of max. 10 slides of your best practice.
Don't forget to include the name of your organization.



Submit a video of 3-5 minutes where you explain your best practice, including the name of the organization in the introduction. Please upload the video to a drive (such as gdrive, dropbox or youtube) to be able to share the link with us.

Submission Deadline and Notification

Submission deadline is June 16, 2024. Notification of acceptance can be expected by July 1. Note that registration for the conference by August 15 is a condition to presentation on site.

Submission website opens.

March 25th, 2024

Deadline for Best Practice submission.

June 16th, 2024

Notification of Acceptance for a Best Practice presentation.

July 1st, 2024

Confirmation of Participation in the WOIC 2024

August 15th, 2024

Deadline for Early Bird Registration.

September 2nd, 2024

Pre-conference visit (optional).

November 6, 2024

Main Conference Dates.

November 7-8 , 2024


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The World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC) brings theory and practice closer together. We seek the latest in academic research on open innovation, and combine this in our program with challenges faced by industry executives and policymakers who manage open innovation in their organizations.



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